Perceive the phenomenon related to the rust in our daily lives.
The first part of this project is to “cultivate rust” and understand its features. 

概念  Design Concept
Rust exemplifies the process of the time. 
This project explores the interrelation between people and rust. Based on the experiment and the observation, we incorporate various appearances and textures of rust into the design in order to represent our understanding of aesthetics and expect that people may thus be closer to the rust and sense the rust in a distinctive way.
The idea comes from our daily experiences and we hope to explore the diversity of rust, including the time required to produce rust, the color of rust and the meaning it carries. Starting from the material that is usually misunderstood or discarded, we reinvent it by utilizing it in graphic and product design widely and further show our central concept: the time which can be seen.
視覺設計應用   Graphic Design
We apply different states of rust to printed books and calendars. These printed products will show diverse appearances when they gradually oxidize and absorb the moisture.
The irons printed on the calendar rusts when time passes by, becoming clearer and visualizing the time. ​​​​​​​

The looks of printed rust
represents how rust is printed on different papers, which demonstrate various light and shade, gradient colors, font sizes, thick and thin lines, and shapes. 

產品設計應用   Product Design  ​​​​​​​
扭轉的時間 - 第四十五號  [筆筒]
Reversal of Time  - No.45. [Pen Holder]
The concept comes from a rusty screw nut. We used the upper and lower hexagons to connect the streamlining surface.

交錯的時間 - 第九十號  [衛生紙盒]
Interleaving Time - No.90. [Tissue Paper Holder]
We used the origami concept to bend the metal and to challenge the possibility of it.

循環的時間 - 第一百八十號  [時鐘]
鐘面造型以180 度爲單位週期循環對稱曲面形成。
Cyclicality of Time - No.180. [Clock]
The clock is formed by cyclic symmetrical curved surface in 180°.
仿鏽漆料  Lacquer
On the surface of the products, we use the rust-imitated lacquer. The surface changes depending on different ways of using it.
五十四色 色票應用  54-Color Samples   
Time is an attractive language, and we can find its beauty in the old rust. In the process of rusting, rust produces different colors depending on the external
environment and it even produces multiple colors when it merges with the paint on the metal surface. At the end of the experiment, we took a lot of common colors in nature and made them into 54-color samples with rusty texture.
視覺識別系統  Visual Identity Design
Logo, Standard colors, and Supplementary Graphics
applies the rust colors and textures to logos. The words of the dates written at a 45-degree angle, and gradient strokes represent the passing time. 
展場設計  Design of Exhibition
設計過程  Design Process
The experimental project is full of uncertainty, and time itself is also unpredictable. How to turn the uncertain factors into the uniqueness of the design is our final goal. The rusted print that will rust over time, the rust-like products that will be left traces by users time after time and the large collection of rust-colored chips were gradually completed.

土城廢鐵場  Scrap Metal Factory / 色票製作  History of Color Samples /實驗工具  Experimental Tools

從鏽的墨水到印刷  From Ink of Rust to Screen Print of Rust

When we visited the scrap metal factory, we saw the rusty iron piled up. We noticed the iron pieces were dismantled and they rusted in the rotten smell. 
We took pictures of various rusts and collected some parts of scrap irons to design our product. We hope that rust becomes the one we would like to cherish rather than to discard.

Next, we refined different rust colors and made them into pigments and color samples. We also collected iron pieces and reprinted them on the grey cloth. At the same time, we tried various methods to improve our applications.​​​​​​​
Design - 張立薇, 林宜頡
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Design 2019 Graduation Exhibition - Mind the Gap

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